Metal Roofing, Cladding, Architectural and Structural Products


To be the world's most reliable and innovative Metal Building products manufacturer aiming to provide superior quality turn-key construction solutions using our expertise in the field of manufacturing.

Through a commitment to customer service excellence in every aspect of our organization and providing a safe and satisfying work environment for all employees.


Integrity in partnership is our guiding principle. Creating trust and value for our customers, employees, shareholders, suppliers and community.

To provide the best product manufacturing experience through.

  • Relationships built on integrity.
  • Success built on performance.
  • Fueled by a commitment to continual improvements professionally.

We give value for customers requirements by prompt delivery of high standards products supported by accurate engineering design through our technology and capacity of manufacturing.

We aim to achieve our vision through total service satisfaction to our customer in terms of service delivery, quality and product knowledge.

Our Value

We, LCP Building Products India Pvt. Ltd, are committed to the success of our business, the design, production and supply of material for Pre-engineered/Structural Steel buildings.

To realize our Vision and Mission we shall exert every effort to achieve the following in all our activities: Gaining the confidence and trust of our supervising bodies, employees, stakeholders, customers, and the public through strict adherence to all applicable laws, regulations, best practices, Quality Standard (ISO 9001 : 2015) Adopting a proactive approach and setting an excellent example for other governmental and private sectors by implementing our Quality and Environment Management System and through applying scientific knowledge, use of resources in a sustainable manner and utilizing best available clean technologies in all our activities.

Conducting all our business operations in such a way as to protect and conserve the environment, to prevent pollution and to minimize all risks to the environment.

Systematically Monitoring, Measuring, Reviewing and taking effective actions to mitigate adverse risks & enhancing positive impacts on the Quality & Environment of all our activities.

Communicating our Policy and Objectives to all our employees, stakeholders, partners, customers, interested parties and the public.

Continually improving the effectiveness of our Quality and Environment Management System through periodic monitoring and review of its performance and suitability.

The above Policy provides the framework and sets the basis for establishing and reviewing our objectives at all relevant functions of LCP Building Products India Pvt. Ltd. It will be reviewed periodically for continuing stability and suitability.

  • Dedicated Customer focus.
  • Reliability.
  • Innovation.
  • Commitment to improve everyday.